Charlottesville and biracial babies

Every time I think or talk about Charlottesville, I have to bite back tears. Maybe that’s partly pregnancy hormones, but it’s also the appropriate reaction. There aren’t any words that can contain the horror, injustice, evil, that the situation represents: not just the rally, but the climate that allowed the participants to feel legitimised, the […]

How not to conduct an ultrasound

Yesterday we had our first official ‘booking appointment’ – when you go to the hospital where the baby will be born and have a scan, get blood tests and urine samples, explore medical history and potential risk factors, etc. In normal circumstances, this would have been our first scan and the first time we saw […]

14 Weeks: End of First Trimester!

Like so many things about pregnancy, the ‘first trimester’ is not as simple as it sounds. I always thought it’s just the first twelve weeks, simples. But some sources say it’s the first 13 weeks, and others say the first 14. Today marks 14 weeks of pregnancy, which means it’s the end of the first […]