Due date letter to baby

Dear Baby,   Today is the day that you’re meant to be born, although as such, I’ve always assumed that today is the day you’re least likely to be born. I saw the doctor yesterday, and she told me that there’s a “good chance” that you would come in 2-3 days, meaning tomorrow or the […]

The empty manger

Advent is always my favourite time of year. Although for many people ‘Advent’ doesn’t mean anything much except a calendar that gives you an excuse to eat chocolate every morning, it is one of the most important seasons of the Christian calendar. It’s one of the two periods of the year that are meant to […]

On motherhood, on daughterhood

The first few weeks of pregnancy were full of extremely mixed emotions: I was ecstatic that I would become a mother, the single thing that I had pointed to for my whole life as THE VERY MOST IMPORTANT THING AND IF I DON’T DO IT THEN MY LIFE WILL BE FOR NOTHING. I wasn’t particularly […]

Sucky things about being pregnant

After a long hiatus, I felt that it was finally time to give my adoring fans an update on what it’s like to be pregnant. All the emails and letters and texts I received begging for another post were getting overwhelming. Lol naaat really, but now that I’m in the third trimester (!!!!) and it […]

20 weeks: half way there!

I am DELIGHTED to have reached 20 weeks, partly because I’m assured that the sickness really does begin to fade after this point (it’s much better now but still once or twice per week), but more because with every passing week, I feel tangibly closer to having a real, squealy little babe in my arms. […]

Charlottesville and biracial babies

Every time I think or talk about Charlottesville, I have to bite back tears. Maybe that’s partly pregnancy hormones, but it’s also the appropriate reaction. There aren’t any words that can contain the horror, injustice, evil, that the situation represents: not just the rally, but the climate that allowed the participants to feel legitimised, the […]

How not to conduct an ultrasound

Yesterday we had our first official ‘booking appointment’ – when you go to the hospital where the baby will be born and have a scan, get blood tests and urine samples, explore medical history and potential risk factors, etc. In normal circumstances, this would have been our first scan and the first time we saw […]